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St. Monica School Contact Info

St. Monica School
5950 Geary Boulevard
San Francisco, CA 94121
Telephone: 415-751-9564
Email the office
Directions to St. Monica School

Staff Directory
Title Staff Name Email Address
Principal Vincent Sweeters Email Mr. Sweeters
Admin Assistant & Executive Secretary Andrea Iida Email Ms. Iida
Admissions Director & Admin Assistant       Donna Dillon Email Mrs. Dillon
Bookkeeper Dennis Mark   Email Mr. Mark
Kindergarten Teacher Joan Padley Email Mrs. Padley
Kindergarten Aide Kathleen Antonio       Email Ms. Antonio
1st Grade Teacher Judie Stringer Email Mrs. Stringer
1st Grade Aide Carolyn Castle Email Ms. Castle
2nd Grade Teacher Alissa Pellegrini Email Ms. Pellegrini
3rd Grade Teacher Nicole Keb Email Ms. Keb
4th Grade Teacher Ashley Conrad Email Ms. Conrad
5th Grade Teacher Pamela Jair Email Ms. Jair
6th Grade Teacher (Math 6-8) Susan Smith Email Ms. Smith
7th Grade Teacher (Social Studies 6-8) Michael Devine Email Mr. Devine
8th Grade Teacher (Science 6-8) George Speckman       Email Mr. Speckman
Middle School English & Religion Teacher Paul Casey      Email Mr. Casey
Learning Specialist Mary Morelli Email Ms. Morelli
Learning Support Teacher Vicki Bamsey Email Mrs. Bamsey
Common Core Math Support Teacher for Grades 3 - 6 Suzanne Brown Email Ms. Brown
Physical Education Teacher Christopher Bussey Email Mr. Bussey
Music Teacher (K-5) & Liturgy Group          Nancy Rogers Email Ms. Rogers
Art Teacher Rozie Firoozabadi Email Ms. Firoozabadi
St. Monica Honors Choir Director      Matthew Walsh Email Mr. Walsh
Library Program Sharyl Ponce Email Ms. Ponce
USF Counseling Program Intern Piper Picus Email Ms. Picus
Technology Coordinator Thomas Boles Email Mr. Boles
Extended Care Director Veronica Campitelli Email Ms. Campitelli
Extended Care Staff Margareta Fernandez Email Ms. Fernandez
Athletic Director Sylvia Arguello Email Mrs. Arguello
Gym Director Nicole Keb Email Ms. Keb

General Communications: Guidelines, Conference Protocol & Email Usage Policy

  1. Parents are encouraged to contact your child's teacher when you have a reasonable question or concern about your child's progress, or to schedule an appointment to meet with your child's teacher. When scheduling appointments, please make sure that the teacher has confirmed the appointment before you arrive to school. Be aware that teachers have supervisory duties between 7:45 a.m. - 8:00 a.m. as well as between 3:00 p.m. - 3:15 p.m. daily (15 minutes following any dismissal) and are not available during these time periods for conferences. Please do not attempt to schedule appointments during periods when teachers are responsible for general supervisory duties.
  2. Email communication with teachers is to be used for school business only. All members of the school community, parents as well as school personnel, are expected to maintain a standard of professionalism, personal dignity, and respect while engaging in all forms of communications. Parents are expected to be courteous and direct in all communications and are expected to bring the proper communication directly to the proper individual. It is not appropriate for parents to engage in questions and/or concerns regarding one teacher or staff member with another teacher or staff member – that type of negative behavior is a form of gossip and is not condoned. Parents may not engage in sending email or any other messages to other members to the community for which that message was not originally intended: All members of the community are prohibited from using the following types of messaging unless permission has been granted by the classroom teacher or principal: forwarding, carbon copy (cc), blind carbon copy (bcc), or any other type of "group" communication. Inappropriate use of this type of messaging is divisive, destructive, and inappropriate. Room parents may only create and/or forward messages that have been discussed and approved by the classroom teacher beforehand.
  3. Reasonable practice is to try and honor a 24-48 hour turn around period for email communications under normal conditions. Teachers may be able to check email periodically during the school day, however, please understand that during the school day, the primary duties of the teachers are reserved for planning, teaching, facilitating, and supervising activities with the students, and consequently, teachers may not be able to respond to email during the school day. If you have an urgent message to deliver, please either call or email the school office for assistance. Teachers and school personnel are not expected to engage is email communications over the weekend and/or during holiday periods.
  4. General email communication is recommended for adults only. Students should not use email to contact school personnel unless the teacher has given permission to use email for school curriculum assignments.
St. Monica School of San Francisco, a Catholic elementary school
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