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St. Monica School Tuition, Fees
and Parental Obligations 2017-2018

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Note: all received fees and tuition payments are non-refundable
Application Fee: $50.00 (for new students only)
Registration Fee: $400.00 per child
Parent Club Fees: $50.00 per family

Annual Tuition Schedule (2017-2018)

Payment installments on the 15th of each month for 10 months, August through May For new families entering the school, the first month tuition will be due June 1st

# of Children Catholic Non-Catholic
1 $7,350.00 $8,130.00
2 $11,440.00 $13,240.00
3 $12,860.00 $13,240.00

Parental Obligations:

Maintenance Fee, Two Mandatory Fundraisers, and 28 total Family Service Hours
  1. Maintenance Fee: In addition to base tuition, we require each family to contribute $500.00 per year to our school's Maintenance Fund. This fund exists for the purpose of building a facilities improvement/emergency fund to cover capital improvements and unforeseen repairs to our plant. This fee can be paid over 10 months along with regular tuition payments ($50.00 per month).
  2. Fall Fundraiser: $300.00 worth of products to purchase/sell (or buy out option:  $250.00).
  3. Spring Fundraiser: 15 items to purchase/sell (or buy out option:  $200.00).
  4. 25 Parent Service Hours per family for the school year (value equity is $25.00 per hour, managed by the Parent Club and the administration of St. Monica School).
  5. 3 Parent Service Hours per family for the specific promotion of the Annual Auction Dinner Gala (value equity is $100.00 per hour, managed by the Parent Club Fundraising Committee and the administration of St. Monica School).


  1. The Catholic tuition rate will be invoiced if student has a Baptismal Certificate on file in the school office.
  2. The preference for fulfilling Parent Service Hours is for the family members to take an active role as volunteers promoting events sponsored by the Parent Club and the school. With prior approval of the principal, material donations may be offered as Parent Service Hours for selected fund raising events.

Mandatory Parent Participation Meetings:

  1. "Back to School Night" parent meeting in September
  2. Parent-Teacher Conferences (End of 1st Quarter)
  3. Parent General Assembly Meeting (if called by the principal for a special topic)
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