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Supporting Curriculum 2016-2017

Learning Support Program

Our Learning Support Program supplements our regular Academic Program. Instilling and maintaining strong academic achievement and a strong reading level at a young age is core to the promotion of academic success for each student. We also realize that every student may not learn the same way. We want to ensure that every student has an opportunity to become successful. Our part-time Learning Specialist and Learning Support Teacher collaborate with each other to work with students and teachers, as needed throughout all grade levels. Our Learning Support Program staff offers informal assessment for students and guides the Student Success Team (SST) process. Reading Support is offered additionally for the primary grades. Phonics, letter/sound decoding strategies, reading comprehension, and writing skills are the primary focus. In this smaller venue, students work on the skills that will help them to become life-long learners and readers.

Physical Education Program

Students have Physical Education (P.E.) class two times per week. The P.E. Program at St. Monica School encourages students to make physical activity an important part of their everyday lives. The program promotes personal fitness and prepares the students for sports team participation. By guiding students to overcome perceived physical obstacles, we also encourage students to understand the connection between physical fitness and schoolwork, as well as how to prepare oneself for the demands of everyday life. A strong emphasis is placed on the importance of fair play and respect for others at all grade levels; focusing upon the principles of fairness, sportsmanship, and personal responsibility. Activities alternate between physical conditioning exercises, team building exercises, and participation in traditional games, such as basketball, soccer, baseball, volleyball, and flag football. Students are instructed to perform proper mechanics for traditional games. Training exercises for speed, power, agility, reaction and quickness (SPARQ) are covered throughout the school year. Students also participate in the annual "President's Physical Fitness Challenge."

Music Program

Our students have music class instruction once per week in our dedicated Music Room. Topics for the class include: basic music theory, learning to read rhythm notation, instrumental practice, and choral singing. The primary focus of the younger grades is participation in choral singing. The use of Kodaly folk songs and the emphasis on rhythm patterns is practiced throughout all grade levels. Students in our middle and upper grades are introduced to the use of various instruments, often incorporating Orff musical instruments, such as xylophones. In the upper grades, students are guided to perform in ensemble groups with the Orff instruments. Our Music Program also contributes to the two larger artistic/ dramatic public performances during the school year, our Annual Christmas Program and our Spring Talent Show.

Art Program

We have a dedicated Art Room where each grade level has Art class once a week. Our students create their art in a "hands on" environment - working with different media, while learning artistic concepts and the foundational principles and elements of design. Our Art Program also expands students' artistic and cultural horizons by incorporating art history into the lessons. Art education is an integral part of a well-rounded curriculum. The instruction in Art class provides a rich educational experience, while encouraging creative self-expression. As students progress through the grade levels, they master the basic elements of design and theory, such as perspective, portrait, and color application. We encourage each child to develop his or her artistic strengths. All throughout the school year, much of the student artwork is proudly exhibited in the classrooms and the school hallways.

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